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Owned and Operated by the Crossgates Exchange Club of Brandon Ms.
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The Dark Zone
Frights and Fears!

Anyone that walks into our Haunt never walks back out, They Run.
The doors of 13 Deadly Street will open giving you a sudden shock. You will be Scared, Frightened, Horrified and have no idea what to do but we will move you through stopping just long enough to shriek as the panorama of the Dark Zone unfolds.
As you deal with the fear in your head the walls will squeeze you, the hallways will terrify you. The ghosts, the Zombies, the Crypt, the undead victims of horrific events in the past will haunt your nightmares.
Will it be curiosity that draws you to your destiny? Will you face your fears and test your intestinal fortitude? Or will you wimp out and avoid the Zone of Fear and Darkness?
Yes the Dark Zone is Scary and filled with great Halloween Fun because of course none of the scares are real   OR are they?
The Dark Zone is NOT recommended for anyone with a Heart Condition, Pregnant women or Children 5 and under!